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Pop Social Enterprise August 2021

In this issue we highlight a mission-driven nonprofit founded by an African-American woman who is "Making A Difference" (MAD) transforming the lives of underserved students in low-income communities through STEM programming.Yvonne Thevenot is the Founder and Executive Director of STEM Kids NYC, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides a year-round intensive suite of STEM education programs for PreK-12 scholars.

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amNewYork, June 2016

InTheNews2 Sep 14,2020

On a sunny August evening, a few dozen high school students logged into Zoom for a final presentation. The showcase was the culmination of two months of work, which led students through a rigorous process of conducting research on a topic of their choice, developing a prototype, turning it into a wireframe, and then putting it all together using Javascript to create a working app. Now, it was time to show off.

Sheilamary Koch

Monday, September 14, 2020

From paper waste to police brutality, 145 children and teens took a deep dive into the social issues that most concern them this summer. They studied news articles on their topic; learned about organizations working on the issue; studied the problems’ history and explored contributing causes; expanded out to related issues and narrowed in on specifics. Sounds like a good social justice project, right?